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Over 40's dating - First date etiquette

Need some tips for over 40's dating etiquette? Things may have changed a bit since you first started dating, but great manners and honest communication never go out of style. Dating, even senior dating, in the millennium may be a little more quirky and relaxed than 90s dating, (and include some tough questions about social media etiquette), but there are some faux pas that you need to avoid.

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Texting etiquette

Texting can be a great way to keep in touch or make plans. The problem arises when each views phone etiquette slightly differently. Some people like to communicate about their anticipation of a first date, while others do not. It's best to follow the other person's cues. If you do get a text, it's polite to respond, but keep messages short and sweet and in the same tone the sender uses.

Don't overdo it

This applies to all aspects of over 40's dating. If you're a woman, don't show too much cleavage, or behave too affectionately. Dress comfortably and naturally and keep your conversation natural. First dates are a platform to get to know the other person, so don't assume that you are already in a relationship, even if you've spent some time getting to know each other on a dating platform.

Making the first move

Whether it's organizing the first date or taking it to the next level, it's no longer the man's domain to initiate this. Over 40's dating is more assertive and women take the lead in dating just as much as men do, so ladies don't need to be afraid to ask a love interest out or take dating a step further.

Over 40's dating spots

Don't over-arrange your first date and try to avoid travelling across the country to meet people you hardly know. Meeting halfway is a great compromise, especially for over 40's dating. Unlike in our 20's, chasing mates across the country seems like overkill. Don't arrange a date which is overly expensive, fancy or the opposite of your natural personalities. Meet in natural locations like a mall, garden, restaurant or coffee shop.

Don't unpack your baggage

Unlike doe-eyed twenty year olds, over 40's dating as well as over 50's dating generally comes with a history. At this stage we all have our stories to tell, however it's best to leave the details until you get to know the person better. Talking about nasty exes, child custody battles, or late child support payments is only going to sour the potential of over 40's dating. While real-life details are important, the first date is not the time to reveal all.

Dating apps

Online dating platforms are considered a healthy way to meet potential mates. Mdates is a dating app where men and women over 35 can sign up and chat to people with similar interests. Sign up, create a profile and browse hundreds of profiles - definitely a great option to help navigate the excitement of over 40's dating.

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